RGE RD - Al Fresco

Where does YOUR sheep sleep?

These adorably delicious critters are all grass fed! Grazing away the summer months, fattening up for your freezer! 

Prairie Haute Cuisine

Fine dining in the pasture, amongst the cattle and teepee rings...

RGE RD Dinner

  • Hormone Free
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Pasture Raised
  • Alberta Born and Raised
  • Fresh Air and Sunshine
  • Loved
  • Delicious

‚ÄčRGE RD- Untamed Cuisine

The only restaurant in Edmonton Alberta we'll sell our meat to! Why? Because owner and Chef, Blair Lebsack, "gets it"!  He buys our animals whole, butchers them as his creativity moves him and then he creates the most decadent, artistically crafted, unique, nose-to-tail experiential eating in our fine country!  A must stop on the Canadian Foodie Trail!

A New Generation of Old Food Rules

Links to cool friends, doing cool stuff.

Where does YOUR bovine dine?

No grain. That's right no grain at all! Native Prairie grasses are the diet of nouveau beef!

Where does YOUR pig dig?

These bush raised beauties are on the Critically Endangered Farm Animals list! We need to eat 'em to save 'em!

heritage pigs


Where does one start with Kevin....Video guy, wild foods aficionado, hunter, chef in his own right,...OK, let's sum him up like this, If it has anything to do with food or videography, he's the man. World class.

Check out his series "From The Wild" on Vimeo. You won't be disappointed!  

Oh and did I mention..He's got a few more cool video's of us and our farm on his site.

What Does Your Meat Eat?

What Does
Meat Eat?

nature's   green   acres

pastured lamb

Living Off the Land

Our year of living off the land

Follow our blog of living off the land for a year! 

Nature's Green Acres Grass Fed  Meats

nouveau beef