Where does YOUR

Sheep Sleep?

Pasture Raised 

Lambs -Dorper and Katahdin 

We've added lamb to our repertoire! 
These adorable critters are an absolute pleasure to raise, our kids do most of the work and love it!

Through lambing season our 11 year old son insisted on getting up for the 3 am shift and our 13 year old daughter insisted on the 6 am shift to check the pregnant ewes. If they've given birth, the kids would bring the fresh lamb and ewe into the sheep barn to ensure a good bond between, feed and water them and as long as everything was good, they'd let us know in the morning. Seriously a fantastic routine for Danny and I! 

Once the grass is up and growing we move the sheep to a pasture paddock to graze away. Coyotes are big and plentiful in our area and bald eagles have become a more common site in the pasture, so the lambs are always in danger of those and other predators looking for an easy meal. Our dogs noisily protect through out the day and night plus we've situated the grazing area within easy view of the house. 

‚ÄčThese sheep breeds; Dorper and Katahdin are "hair breeds" so they don't need to be sheared, they shed their wool. Another bonus with the hair sheep is they don't take on the muttony flavour as they age because they don't have the lanolin oil in their wool/hair. This makes a cull ewe as tasty as a lamb. 
We have two wool sheep in the mix, Peggy and Sue, who will need to be sheared. Hopefully I'll get a couple sweaters out of those girls! 

Guess I better learn to knit.....

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