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Nouveau Beef

Nouveau beef. We've coined that title as a brilliant conversation starter as well as a way to set our beef apart from the rest of Alberta's pride. 

Nouveau Beef is born in April and May and live their entire life on our farm, at their mothers side. We don't feed grain. We don't give hormones or antibiotics. We don't castrate. We don't dehorn. We don't "finish" them on grain. Nouveau beef is simply healthy, clean meat.

We take them straight from our pasture to the butcher in the late fall.

We started thinking that cattle are the only domesticated animal that is fattened for over a year then eaten, after it's of reproductive age. Everything else (pig, lamb, chicken, turkey) is butchered in the fall. 

We decided to give it a go. And Wowza! We're glad we did!

Nouveau beef is tender, lean, earthy, healthy, and so versatile! Every cut is tender. Those normally destined for the grinder can take center stage on a table set to impress guests.

We raise a limited number of these gorgeous grazers.
Please have your whole and half order placed ASAP!

We butcher in November and there's always a waiting list!

‚ÄčTo place an order Please email us at

Where does YOUR

Bovine Dine?

What Does Your Meat Eat?

Cattle lounging in the winter sun.

Watch the miracle of life!

The cattle graze on native prairie grasses, the very same land that the ancient buffalo grazed on.

Once the grass is up the cattle and their calves head out to open pasture to eat and grow.

Teat can't be beat! Cattle version of "breast is best"

The cattle enjoying life grazing on the open range.