All Grass Fed - NO GRAIN EVER

Nouveau Beef

Nouveau beef. We've coined that title as a brilliant conversation starter as well as a way to set our beef apart from the rest of Alberta's pride. 

Nouveau Beef is born in April and May and live their entire life on our farm, at their mothers side. We don't feed grain. We don't give hormones or antibiotics. We don't "finish" them on grain. Nouveau beef is simply healthy, clean meat.

We take them straight from our pasture to the butcher in the late fall, early winter.

We started thinking that cattle are the only domesticated animal that is fattened for over a year then eaten, after it's of reproductive age. Everything else (pig, lamb, chicken, turkey) is butchered in the fall. 

We decided to give it a go. And Wowza! We're glad we did!

Nouveau beef is tender, lean, earthy, healthy, and so versatile! Every cut is tender. Those normally destined for the grinder can take center stage on a table set to impress guests.

​​Yearling Beef 

Also All Grass, NO GRAIN EVER! 

We've had some interest in bigger cuts and more fat. The more traditional version of beef. So we raise a small amount of yearling beef for those interested. Same program as our Nouveau beef but we keep them over the winter, feeding them locally grown hay and finish them on the summer grass. They're bigger, a bit fattier, tender  and very very delicious! We end up spending a lot of time with these bovines and can feed most of them out of our hands. 

Where does YOUR

Bovine Dine?


For many years we had the traditional breeds of Alberta beef, black Angus cows with a Simmental bull. We liked them but it was just so "normal", we did because everyone does it. Those breeds do very well in our environment and are best for selling to the auction as they perform very well in the feedlot setting.

We decided to see what else is out there. We began experimenting with a few different breeds here and there and have some successful years and some not so successful years. We have always had a very heavily influenced black Angus herd but we'd switch the bull out and began to keep back some of the nicer heifers and build our herd from the inside out.

As is often the case when you live a bit of life, you come to realize that you were trying to reinvent the wheel. There's a reason Angus is the favourite of Alberta ranchers. They can handle our weather extremes, they marble and muscle beautifully on grass and they taste great. We've gone back to our roots of Angus cattle with a Simmental bull because it works. Does that mean we'll put on blinders and ignore other possibilities as they present? No. But until we see find something better, this is it. We have grass and Angus, a beautiful pairing.

They're the reason Alberta is known for great beef.  

Nouveau or Yearling Beef? See below for more info.

What Does Your Meat Eat?

Watch the miracle of life!

Yearlings in the setting sun.

nature's   green   acres