nature's   green   acres

RGE RD at Nature's Green Acres

Outdoor Dinners 

These dinners are the highlight of our year!

The insane amount of stress and work it adds to our already crazy year, for both RGE RD and ourselves, pales in comparison to the inexplicable amount of fun we have putting it on!

We'd love to have you join us!

Next Date UNKOWN - Thanks to COVID.....*thumbs down* 

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‚Äč *Please understand that due to the nature of this event, there are no refunds the week before the event. Sorry for the inconvenience!* 

Join us for hors d'oeuvres  and a horseshoeing demo by Danny who on top of farming is a full time farrier.

Then a tour of the farm; our garden, the chickens, pigs, the lamb and nouveau beef.

You'll get to see first hand "What your meat eats"! 

 We'll show you behind the scenes where we grow, raise, and forge all the ingredients for Chef Blair Lebsack and his amazing team, to prepare for this one of a kind dining experience.

We finish the tour in the pasture with a look at the teepee rings and brief history lesson of The First Nation People's  on this fine land we call home.

Next we sit down to dinner and prepare to be dazzled and amazed by our own Prairie Haute Cuisine.

Chef Blair Lebsack and his RGE RD crew masterfully put together a multi course meal all cooked over wood on our turn of the century cast iron stove and cob oven and grill, build from clay and stone, shovelled and picked, metres from their forever home.

Caitlin Fulton has skillfully paired the wines and other refreshments to enhance the exceptional flavors of this uber fresh, single field feast. Her front, front pasture team, continue to serve you with the high quality professionalism you've come to expect from such a stellar restaurant as RGE RD. (We like to get in there and help serve!  Forgive us... we're farmers:) ) 

The meal ends with  dessert, coffee, and the sunset. If you're listening you may hear the coyotes howling as you walk from the pasture.  A magical day from start to finish.